Ok so heres the low down. This band I'm in with two of my friends (two guitar/vocals and a drummer) started a while back, and we only ever had one practice (although it was about 10 hours long). I feel like we accomplished so much during that one practice (we wrote several songs and talked about future goals for the band) and I've never had such a good time playing in a band as I did that day.

We never really got to a second practice after that one because all of our schedules were incredibly packed. Once we did have more time though, the drummer and I both talked about how much we wanted to get more practices because we felt so good with just that first practice, but whenever we've tried talking to the other guitarist/vocalist, he's never given us an answer on whether or not he ever wants to do anything else with the band.

He's in another band right now that's done a lot more than the band I'm in with him right now (they have more songs and theyve played a few gigs), and I know that he has been spending a lot of time recently working on that, but both the drummer and I agree that he seems like he doesn't want to be in the band any more.

Both of us really want him to still be in the band because he's a really cool guy, a great guitarist, and he contributed so much during that first practice. We don't want to pressure him into going back into it because we're worried that he would rather work with his other band and would just leave us altogether.

How would you approach this?
that happened to me, and he ended up quitting and completley screwing us over before a show, being that he was the lead guitarist and all.

i think you should ask him what he likes more and if he decides on the other band then find someone else to play.

but that's just my opinion.
if hes already in a semi-successful band he's prob not gonna be putting to much effort into yours.
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You don't have a band for one. You are trying to get one started. One practice doesn't count as a band (A few people argued with me about the definition of a band in another thread, but I'm sticking with my guns.)

Luckily you are at beginning band forming stages, so nothing that serious has happened yet. So I say find someone else, he has other priorities. Another hint: Try not to practice for that long again. I think the reason you are feeling this way is because you think the same magic will happen. At the height of my last band, we wre practicing for 5-6 hours a night 3 times a week. The first few weeks we got a lot done, but after that people slacked off.
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I agree with Dutch Apples, one practice doesn't qualify you as a band yet and thats probably what this guy is thinking too. If hes got things working with another band then hes probably going to work hard and keeping that going.
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