Ok, Basically when I use Guitar Pro 5, which is pretty much all the time, I keep the settings so that when I write notes in the tabs, it plays it back right there while im editing...that doesnt work anymore...i went and checked it off in the settings, and it says its enabled..??!

And also, the program will randomly NOT play certain tracks in files...I will open a file and push play, and it will play the lead guitar lets say, but not the vocals...(Just an example..) But yea...its reallly annoying me...

anyone have any answers?

plz write back..

im not sure about your 1st problem but on your second cheak to see if a lilttle S or M selected next to the track name, S stands for Solo track and M for Mute track.

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also, the second problem, make sure "SW synth" volume is up.. thats in your master volume control

SW synth controls midi,
and since guitar pro uses RSE, the guitars will be under the "wave" setting, and anything else will be under SW synth.