hi, ive been playing guitar for about two years now, and i have a bad problem. I can play pretty decent alone or with a couple of people i know. But when i'm in front of more people or people i dont know, i get like an adrenaline rush and my hands shake making it really hard to play and on top of that i'll forget how to play almost everything. Like i'll start playing a solo and i'll just forget how the rest goes when i would normally be able to play it really easily and remeber it all. Today i was in a music store and was trying a couple guitars out and this happened, I was so embarresed, i sounded like i had never played before. Does anyone have any tips on how i can overcome this? I really want to do some gigs in the future, but this is a major problem.
the more you do it the more you get used to it
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Close your eyes just a second and concentrate
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when you play play for yourself, try to think that your playing music for yourself and not for the people infront of you
try to think that you're alone, or close your eyes, it's hard to get used to it (i haven't get used yes)