Does anyone know how much it would cost to have a plexi modded with a master volume? I wanna be able to achieve its incredible tone at lower volumes.
Well the pot is like $2 at the absolute most. Thats basically all that you need, but also the equiptment for it (soldering iron, solder, flux, wire, etc...). Then you need to drill a hole so you need a drill and bits. Oh yea, and you need skills to solder and discharge filter caps (unless you want to die )

get an attentuator
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Saves you time and trouble, and sounds much better.

You won't get great Plexi tone with a master anyways, you need the power tubes pushed.
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I don't think you want to mod a plexi Marshall. (nor do you have one, no offense)

I think you're talking about modding a non-master volume JMP (or other Marshall) in which case this would also be a bad idea considering you can buy one. Look into Marshall 2203's and 2204's. They have a master volume. Spending the time and money to mod it wouldn't be worth it.