My estimated colleagues:

I'm about to go on a vacation trip and I plan to return to my home with a guitar amplifier. I own an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and a ToneWorks multi-effects pedal. I'd like to get a Marshall amp, a hybrid one, but it so happens I need a stereo amplifier. Could someone throw some light on me, please?

I was thinking in getting the Crate Powerblock, since I read very encouraging reviews about it, but it looks like it's been pulled out of the market. Does anyone know why this happened?

Are Marshall Heads capable to be used in stereo mode? What amp models are capable of being used this way?
And the final question...
...Do you suggest I rather get a powered mixer?

I'd really appreciate your help, folks. If anyone would like to have a conversation with me on this topic, contact me at Windows Live Messenger juandalf_elgris@hotmail.com

Thanks for taking your time.


-Jaim Ortiz.