Does anyone know any good programs used for making videos or movies. One which is really good, preferably better than Windows Movie Maker.

Also is it possible to make a video in reverse on any of these programs without a large scale difficulty. With Windows Movie Maker, the walkthrough on how to do it is too long, hard and impossible to understand.

Windows Movie Maker, even though I've never dabbled with it, should be the simplest and it's free with xp isn't it?

Director is pretty good with stuff like that, though I had a teacher telling me how to use it. Also in flash it's possible to edit the movies.

Adobe Premier Pro is pretty decent. I head Final Cut Pro isn't half bad either.

I think Avid is better then the two of them.

Edit - Avid Xpress Pro.
Windows movie maker is solid to use, try Final cut ive only ever heard good things bout it.