hey guys, im a drummer and im looking to start or join a band in michigan. im in grand rapids, just to let you know. ive been playing drums for about 7 years and can play pretty much anything, although i prefer classic rock, such as the who, led zeppelin, etc. im also just starting to learn guitar, so in time i could be a backup guitarist as well. let me know if you're interested.
I think Youre in luck, Im a guitarist from Comstock Park. Im a huge fan of the Who. I idolize Pete Townshend, Ace Frehley, and Jim Page. Ive got KISS, The Beatles, The Stones, and Led Zeppelin on my walls, I know a bit of ACDC too. Ive been playing for almost five years. I have a 300+ Song Catalog that I can play. I play Classic Rock, Blues, Folk, Rythm & Blues, Hard Rock, and Blue Grass.

Im a freshman at GRCC looking for a serious band and you seem to be drinking the same whiskey as I. If youre interested Write back and we'll go from there.

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i live in mount clemens

PM me if your interested
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