The title sais it all.
I was messing around with my piano and this melody on the piano came up, I grabbed my midi keyboard and did the rest. I named the song "The funeral March". It is my favorite song so far.
It is intense classical creepy atmospheric music , probably and intro to a metal song I'll compose later on.

Please , give me your thoughts and all comments are appreciated.

And of course, leave me your song and I'll crit back when I'll get the chance.

The Funeral March
feel free to add me on myspace

PS: I am very proud of this song, so be gentle
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thats ****ing good. nicely done!
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Hey there,
Well, this sounds more like a soundtrack than an actual song, but nevertheless, I still enjoyed this peice of work very much. This time round your song had just the right balance of dissonance and melody, it had dynamics and a good well rounded recurring theme. What more is there to add? There isn't anything that I don't like, so I'll just share with you what I though was the plus points of this song, and maybe you could develop more into that.

First is the fluency of the transitions throughout the song.
Second would be the intense orchestral right around the 2nd minute, Beethoven loved to do that kind of stuff in his sonatas.
Third, Your production skills are pretty good, I can never get a recording to sound professional, I can't 'line-in' my MIDI tracks, theres always a problem, if you could help me with that it would be awsome.

Great job, Put it on sale to a movie company, It might just sell.

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Royce Lee

Oh and just a guess, is it in E harmonic minor? ( training absolute pitch at this moment.)
thats excellent, very well arranged and tastefully accented! What hardware/ software did you use to get those virtual instruments? Myself I've done a bit of tinkering with cubase sx3, and a lot of vst instruments and plugins, but I haven't found tones like that yet What all was involved there?
First of, thank you very much for your comments.

I used a program called "Reason" by the corporation "Propellerheads".. I recorded it there. then I exported it as wav and then I encoded it to mp3 in order to share it with you guys.
It took me approximately 12 hours with a 2 hour break.
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
awesome! I've checked out reason, and some of the demos at the site, and have decided I really like the included vst instruments, especially the orkester library. Now I know where my next $500 is going
Holy ****!!! you guys are awesome. all you need is a vocalist and you guys will be the next Cradle!
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Holy ****!!! you guys are awesome. all you need is a vocalist and you guys will be the next Cradle!

Correction... It's not "guys" , it's "guy" . I'm the only one in the band Thanks for your comments folks, keep em comming.
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
That was very intense. t'was very impressive and very powerfull. I think it would be better if the percussion were a little louder but anyway, It kicks ass as it is.
That is pretty creepy and pretty epic... It seems very thought out in terms of entrance and phrasing. I like how it builds itself up.

I played violin for about 9 years so I have the highest respect for orchestral accompaniments.

the false ending is awesome... I like the crescendo's as well.

this could be a sweet song. This could easily become a 10 minute song if you want to talk about my idea with where you could go with it I would love to discuss it.