Whats the difference between guitar bodies like these ones....


that one is curvy edge ^^^^


this one......

not so curvy edge ^^^

Which do you guys prefer? Is one better than the other? Sound or looks wise?

Which one cost more?
The quality of the sound depends on the person playing it. Try them out, one body shape isnt better than another, what matters is what it's made of, what pickups it has, ect.
personally the bottom one is better
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I know, RGs are my personal fav body style

The other is to gay looking IMO

Too bad the JS1200 will easily outplay most RG's.
js ftw ... it looks so much nicer
js is better; if its a high end model
js costs more if its a high end one
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All the JS's I have played sucked. I have played some good RGs, for shredding atleast. The JS looks cooler though, although I'm not a fan of the superstrat look
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It's all about looks, it's not really about sound or comfort. Although the JS may sit in your lap more comfortably.

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