I'm having trouble keeping rhythm with the guitar while singing vocals. I can do songs that only require simple straight-eighth patterns and the like, but I suffer a breakdown on more involved rhythms, particularly when the strum pattern differs in rhythm from the vocals (for example, playing Oasis' "Wonderwall"). Any tips for a novice on how to seperate the two lines and keep them both going without becoming a mangled cacophony?
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I had that problem too. What I did is learn each part separately and then once I had each part down I worked at putting them together. Eventually it worked.
(It helps if you really know the song too)
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practice....MASTER the guitar part to the point where you don't even think about it....then try singing with it.

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i found the verse to wonderwall pretty easy its the chorus that got me. just keep on practicing, play along with the record you are learning and sooner or later it will all fall into place, and once you can do a couple it will get easier and easier with every new song.
I dont sing and play usually but i do some backing occasionally and with a complicated bass riff to play its not that easy. I cant exactly remember what i did but I think i started off counting out the beat i was playing out loud so saying like "1, 2, 3, 4" and so on, then i changed the rhythm i was counting out loud, while still playing the same rhythm and eventually you should be able to count in a really obscure rhythm while still playing the right thing. Sorry i havent explained it very well but thats how i did it
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There really isn't an easy way to do it.
Some singers/guitarists say to just not think about it and you can do it, but you should master the guitar part and progress from an extremely slow speed.

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