I just found this band. Their last release was in 1996, and this music is nothing short of badass. It reminds me of 'Tommy' by the who, if it, as an entity, took acid and had a nervous break down and then had wild sex with Golem from Lord of the Rings and that chick who does vocals on Great Gig in the Sky.......very theatrical, symphonic, progressive.....badass. This is a wonderful band. The clips on myspace are from their last album which acutally one track long, divided into 16 segments.


My bro' had a copy of The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms, and it was pretty cool. Haven't heard much of anything else.
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Well I've hear many of their releases because I was always very much attired by it. But I never was impressed with any of it. The Girl who was death may find it's way to my CD player from time to time though....very gloomy.
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