i really want to learn how to use a finger slide for my guitar. im not a bigginer. ive been playing for about 6 years. im really into the blues and i wanna learn how to play with a slide. i have telecaster, so what do u recomend a glass slide or a metal one. and anyone know a song that uses slide that would be good for my first slide song to learn. some of my favorite songs with slide are dust my broom and it hurts me to by elmore james, alot of robert johnsons stuff. one of my favorites too is the guitar on sister morphhine by the stones. thanks.
i have glass slide from dunlop
i never played metal slides
but yea i think they're cool, but if i drop them, they'll be in pieces.
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Stop Breaking Down, but Robert Johnson orignially (I believe). The White Stripes do an awesome cover. That was the first slide song I learned. I use a metal slide, but have never used glass. Get both, they only cost like $5-10 each. Slide uses a lot of open tunings, so try to memorize them.
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i have both, the glass slide gives a nices sound especialy for blues and i feel like it was easier to use. metal slide is just good so it doesnt shatter but it leaves the sound tinny
I have a metal slide, I bought it probably less than a week ago, and I was actually going to post the same question. Any fairly well known songs that use some slide in them but aren't too difficult would be greatly appreciated.
the slide in freebird isnt too hard check out sonny landreth if you want to hear slide genius.as for glass vs metal glass sounds better on an electric guitar but the break easily