Have any of you ever watched a series called BECK?

its an anime series about a band trying to make it in to the big leagues, it revolves around a kid who plays guitar

if youve seen wat do you think of it?

if you havent you should really check it out its a really great series, its only 26 eps long and you will definatly relate to it in one way or another. It will most likely change you in one way or another (it got me more in to the blues). this a one of a kind show, the show mentions led zepplin, jimi hendrix, RHCP, RATM, and lotsa other great stuff

im not into anime or jap stuff much, but this series is really great, good enough to even make a thread about in my opinion at least...

heres some info on it at imbd

What channel is it on? When?

I have got to see this, it sounds great.
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