If you are just jamming and u create a lick you like do you write it down? just a curiousity.
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Not really, I don't write it down.

When I play a lick I like when I'm jamming or whatever, I usually just remember what I did, then it becomes part of my lick repotoire (I spelt that wrong, I know.)
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^ That's good memory. What I usually do is go to my computer, tab the lick in notepad and save it.

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i wrote a lick down once but only because my guitar teacher asked me to wite down a lick for next lesson and gave me some of that magical musical paper with the lines on it.
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Yeah i do.
Couse i always sitt in front of my computer when i jam,
and have Guitar Pro open in front of me.
Very rarely do write anything down or save on PC. I have forgotten some good stuff. So saving is not such a bad thing.
Jamming is for fun purpose, its when you test out licks n such that you created or snatch it from someone else. But you still can stumble apon something cool along the way.

No, i dont write down anything at all.
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