I was just offered and awsome deal.

I was jamming at a party earlier tonight and a dude asked me to join his band. Which is awsome (yet kind of strange) because the rest of this band is like 20 years older than me (not exaderating). He told me they would give me a 400 watt peavey amp to play on if I joined and he gave me a new case just for saying I would. As you have probably guessed, these guys aren't amatures. they are really good and this is a great chance for me. The only problem is they only saw me jamming and improvising. I don't think they realize that I only know a handful of songs and I don't think I know a single song all the way through. I don't want that to mess this up for me:

If you know any good songs that I could learn please post.

In case your wondering they play classic rock but they said they are open to new Ideas and different styles.

P.S. sorry for the mile long post, I tried to stick to essential information.
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I don't see why not knowing any song should hamper your chances of being in the band. It seems that they offered you a chance to be in the band because they like your inherent skill. If they asked what songs you knew, then that would be different.

I would suggest in your first practice learning their sets and what songs they play. They'll probably even teach you the songs they play or give you a set list to learn and practice over time so that you eventually become proficient in those songs.

If you really need classic rock songs to learn, try some Led Zeppelin (The Ocean, Cashmere, Black Dog) or even some Black Sabbath (Sweet Leaf, Paranoid, War Pigs). Those are pretty general classic rock songs.
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Classic rock usually has pretty simple bass lines, with many exceptions of course. Ask them what songs they cover and learn them asap. ask them for a recording of all of their originals and for either the sheet for them or the tabs or at least the chord changes