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i was at worlds of fun one time... and i saw a kid drop a ten so i grabbed it. this kid stopped about 5 feet later and looked around, then came over to me and my friends and asked if i had seen it. i said no, so he left. i felt like a hard ass. lol.
$50AU at a shopping centre when I was really young. We gave it back to the old lady that dropped it.

However, on my birthday once way back when, we went to hire out a game. Turned out there was $10AU in it, woo. I think the game was Kid Chameleon for the Megadrive.
i found a 2 dollar coin once.. thats the most ive found
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my friend went to the bathroom at a mall and there was a purse in one stall and he found a 100 dollar bill inside...
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A five dollar note. (Australian)
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all i ever find is like $2 Australian

i suck
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40$ Us.
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20$ once. And another time it was two 5$s and at the caf in our school we would go in everyday and look for money on the ground. I got like 100$ in a month. And another time in tech class we made model planes and people weighted it with money and me and my friend had the idea to steal all the money off them one day after we were done with them and onto another project. We made almost 20$ each.
$20 at a post office when i was young.
i returned(?) to the guy at the post office, wrote down my name in case nobody comes to pick it up.
then the post office called my house and told me nobody came
so i got it :p
i forgot what the hell i did with it tho... i want it back
need money for an amp
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I found £20 on Blackpool pier once. I was like 5.
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$100 note at dads friends bottle shop..........unfortunately, it was glued to the ground :P that trick gets me every time
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$100 AU.

I was leaving the house for basketball training one morning (heaps early; about 5.00 a.m.) and it was still fairly dark. I saw the note lying on the side of the pavement and I rubbed my eyes to make sure my still half asleep brain wasn't playing tricks on me. I then realized it was really there and practically dived on it haha.
A wallet with 3000 euros once, I gave it to the authorities, they gave me 300 euros as a reward.
I found a 5000 Kc bill once <- thats czhech money.
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
when i was in america i found a $10 on the ground at circus circus casino... so i cashed it in and went crazy at the arcade!.... hey come on, that arcade is way better then the ones in canberra. oh and i found 2 dollars on the floor once then i used it on a skill tester and won a bart toy oh the good old days....
I was at work and I moved the bin and there was a $10 note under it.

Another time I found $2 on the ground at the shop at my school, I then proceeded to buy a chocolate milk with that, that was back in 2003, these days a chocolate milk would cost you like $4

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ive found 20 bucks australian before but just the other day i found 5 walking to work. and i have an extremely cool habit of finding 2 dollar coins on the school oval.
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i once found a wallet with 120 something USD. i found the guy that it belonged to and i got a 20 dollar reward!

i scored some mega jesus pointage that day
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I have never found money on the ground. I used to steal my sisters money and pretend I found it on the ground though.
£180 all rolled up in a street gutter. That was a fucking awesome day.
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I saw loads of money once which i never bothered counting... and i dont pick up money from the ground... i usually just leave it there or i might consider giving it to some needy person instead of some scumbag picking it up to buy some shit with it.
And u'll find loads of 1c,2c and 5c coins on the floor/ground around my school if you look for it. People just dont bother bout them cuz they are virtually worthless!
i was drunk yesterday and droped my wallet with 45 dollars im so ****ing pissed.
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Oh I always pick up those little coins. ^
And at the end of the day I can usually buy a little a candy-bar with it and share it with my friend, who is also a coin-seeker ^.^ Good times.

Or I buy a cup of coffee with it...
I pick up all the small change I find as well - I have a piggy bank I need to fill.
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50$ Us
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