I havent heard the actual song so this is all based off of a powertab. I added some of my own stuff to it so it's not just a copy/paste type cover. But nothing big, just a few subtle changes like harmonizing some parts and playing the trumpet and trombone parts on guitar.

Hope you enjoy

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that's quite funny actually, got any tabs of it or is it on here?
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Hahah, that was great man. Only criticism that I have is that the melody sounds a little too twangy at certain parts, particularly towards the beginning. Overall it was a great cover, loved the harmonization towards the end.

Zelda rocks, this brings back memories. =]
Dude, that was a great cover. Harmonizing rocked. Can I ask you where you got your backing track for your Master of Puppets cover? Ive been trying to find one with the vocal melody in it.
nice, i think you should arpeggiate some parts tho maybe? like the 4 note parts near the beginning. just sounds too much like a chord sometimes

otherwise its nice. maybe just work on the timing a bit more and it'll be sickk!