Can someone please explain me how a whole PA system in a concert works?I mean from the sound on stage and the stage on the arena.....these amp that are often seen at the back of the stage are those who ''send'' the singal???And when there are no amps at the backround?????and also one last question.....i have seen in a lot of concerts that there aren't always foot pedals to change the sound of the guitar...how does it change????
usually the amps on stage are the ones the instruments go into, these are for the musicians to hear, this bunch of ams are then micd and the signal from each goes into a huge mixing desk where the levels are mixed to perfection (or sometimes very badly at some gigs...) and sent through a large number of speakers all around the venue so everyone can hear. I think thats basically it, though there may be other elements i've missed. As for the effects, this will be due to the musicians using rack fx, instead of stompboxes

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^And of course, not all players use pedals.
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