Hi im just a beginner and i was wondering if someone can help me with this. Every time i turn on my amp i get this really weird buzzing sound. When i mess with the gain and treble sometimes it goes away. Any help would be great.
You could have a single coil guitar like a fender. I have a strat and an ancient 50$ global les paul ripoff giutar. I dont get half the buzz on the global because it has a humbucker pickup. The fender drives me insane especially when I try to turn my gain way up.
Overdrive usually adds some buzz. Does it happen on the clean channel as well? It could also be your guitar, guitars with single-coil pickups tend to give off more buzz than guitars with humbuckers.
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It could also be because you have your amp plugged into an input with other objects.
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nope, no other objects. and yah it happens the most with overdrive on. i have 3 single coil pickups i do believe. Any more help on how i can fix it?