Not bad...your timing is very good, the 2 guitars were perfectly synced the whole time. The main riff (the cool Zeppelinesque one) sounded slightly off, there were a couple notes that sounded like they either shouldn't of been there or should have been different. The overdriven (I guess rhythm) guitar tone could have been better, but wasn't bad. At the beginning you could have loosened up slightly on the palm muting. Also, I haven't heard the song for a few days but the solo sounded slightly off, it could have been a little cleaner (playing-wise, not tone-wise).

Pretty good cover overall...it would sound great with vocals so if you have any singing talent you might want to give it a shot! 8/10.
Ok, I've not actually heard the original - so I'm going to take this recording on it's own merits.

I thought the intro sounded quite good - sounded more like you were both jamming together rather than it being planned - which makes it sound quite natural and in my opinion unforced.

The solo could have been a little bit more flowing, however the faster bit and the bending sounded quite cool. The last bend methinks was slightly off but nonetheless a nice recording.