Hi people,

i just bought myself a shiny new Vox AD30VT which kind of leaves my old Marshall TC10 in the past.

I was just wondering if it would be safe to sing through my old marshall, or would this damage it?

Any help is much appreciated,

I dont think so, it has:

An input (obviously lol)
A "emulated" headphone in
A cd in and "emulated" line out

(btw its called a MG10CD lol, dont ask where TC10 came from XD)
It will be fine, so long as you don't have it wound up to number 10 and clip the speakers. It would feedback (squeal) before you got it too high in any case.

Clipping is when your speakers max out, or pulse in both directions, in a very short period of time (nano second). It burns out a section of the copper coil, and is unrepairable.

Use your brain and you will be fine.


You can clip your speakers easier with a guitar than a microphone. In other words, don't abuse your gear, and you will be OK.
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