Wondering what experience y'all have had with the " ******* Designed" pickups, such as:

Duncan Designed Active HB-105 pickups on the Schecter C-1 FR
Designed by EMG pickups on the Ibanez RG4EXQM1 (heard these pups suck).

And others of that ilk. If, in theory, I were planning on buying one of these guitars, or one like it, I would eventually upgrade to some real EMG's or some duncans, but not for a while.

Are there any companies that have good knock off copies? Or is it all a gimmick
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I love my Duncan Designed HB103's in my Schecter Gryphon. They put out some pretty good tones.
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The newer Duncan Designeds aren't bad, almost up to par with real ones as far as I'm aware. No experience with any other ones of that 'ilk'.
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Cool, Thanks. I guess I just needed one more reason to get the Schecter, and that'll work.
Cry Haddock! Let slip the Cod of War!
Most of the Designed By pickups are the same design as you'd find in the regular pickups, they were simply made en masse with less quality control.
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