Whatsup pit? Sometimes I find myself under some shallow rock when it comes to new developments in music, believe it or not, i don't watch MTV or any tv at all for that matter except for the news (which is pretty reliable here in the netherlands), don't listen to the radio either. So needles to say I was totally oblivious of the release of coldplay's X&Y album... I guess that's a hyperbole. I was aware of the new release but I didn't really bother with it since i liked their first two albums, but not very much...

So anyway, I was at a friends house the other day, in the christmas holidays, we were both generaly bored. So my friend decides we should watch tv, and I, being just as clueless as him about what to do, agree. He zaps to MTV and what happens to be playing? "Talk", by Coldplay, I haven't heard this before, it's my first time hearing their new song and I was surprised to find out that they stole their riff from Kraftwerk's computer love. I'm hoping this is not a coincidence as it could signal the end of originality in music. If not bravo for coldplay, because it is a cool riff.

So I started listening to computer world again today, and I was thinking: whoah these songs are really beging to be covered. So my question to you is: which kraftwerk song should be covered and by whom? My first thought was: Pocket Calculator by Metallica. Give your thoughts
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Please, crit my song!
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The Model (aber auf deutsch) by Lil Chris. That would be ridiculously funny. Mostly cos he probably can't speak German. And his voice is squeaky.
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^ Definately.

Rammstein did a cover of The Model and it was shite.

I love Kraftwerk.

Anyway, I think someone like Jose Gonzalez should do a cover of Radioactivity.