theres a school gig coming up and my band decided to play a couple of songs that i havnt heard before. and listening to them, i will need a floyd rose to pull off the solos.

before i knew about this i went and bought a epi les paul with christmas money, and i love it. so now i am willing to get £100 - £150 out the bank to get a cheap guitar with a floyd trem that i cann sell straight after

any suggestions?
Well first off, there aren't many songs recorded with whammy that can't do without. Bends and slides can substitute for most, and in most cases whammy aren't necessary anyway. A floyd guitar for 100 quid will probably go out of tune the first time you touch the whammy anyway, or at least most of them will, so meh. Imo you're better off trying to do without it.
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Buy a digitech Whammy,

It's about the same price, but much better.
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a guitar is for life not just the gig. lol. get a whammy fitted 2 ur guitar. or just dont play the songs.
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Vintage metal axxe something. Decent enough for the price. Don't expect brilliance though.

Couldn't you borrow a guitar?
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Buy a digitech Whammy,

It's about the same price, but much better.

my thoughts exactly...

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Borrowing someone else guitar would be an idea, also if any local guitar shops let you rent out a guitar with a floyd that would be good, but i suggest a cheap jackson, ibanez or something that'd be a good idea.
Buy a digitech Whammy,

It's about the same price, but much better.

And also completely different
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or alternatively, tell your band to stfu and play something your guitar is sutible for...
I'd stay away from low end jacksons. the fret access is horrible and the floyds are really stiff.
A dwarf might hear you. What then?

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Get a Digitech Whammy pedal. Then you can set it for what you need and use it with your Epi instead of folking out money for a cheapy Floyd trem that will crap out after you pull of a huge divebomb.
I wouldn't buy a guitar for one gig. I agree with South-Of-Heaven. A guitar is for life not a one night stand.
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And also completely different


Two step elmination process here:
1. Are you covering a Slayer song or something that uses a floyd a ridiculous amount?
2. Borrow a guitar if so, I would not throw $200 out for one show.