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i know its been done before but im bored. i started at 12 because my cousin said "do you play any instruments?" and i said no and she said "well you should!"

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When I was 11, I looked at the guitar and said,"Hey, that looks kinda easy." So I started playing on my dads bass, and after a couple weeks, got a guitar. When I started playing, it was everything but easy. It turned into a deep musical love for me. Dont flame me.
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I started at the age of 15, all those years before i was nothing more than a lost soul ...
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i know its been done before but im bored. i started at 12 because my cousin said "do you play any instruments?" and i said no and she said "well you should!"

After I picked up my AC/DC CD and listened to it, I wanted to be like Angus. Then the world of Rock n Roll opened up, and I picked up guitar. I had my guitar since last christmas, but I never really picked it up until August 2006 or so.
I was in seventh grade, and I picked up a copy of "Are You Experienced". Up til then, I'd only listened to Linkin Park and Good Charlotte, but listening to Hendrix was the end of that. I went out and bought a shitty strat knockoff from a pawn shop and here I am today.
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Started at 15, a lot of my friends played instruments, and my younger brother had bought a guitar to learn (never figured out if he like playing or if it was to look cool :P ), following having my gf stolen by my best friend it was a good emotional escape.
I started at 14, I was actually in a band playing keyboard at the time. After our first gig (talent show) our guitarist left his guitar at school and my parents brought it to our house to hang onto it for him... then I started playing it, then when we gave it back I played my dads acoustic for a while then bought an electric. I'd been playing piano for 6 years, so I picked guitar up fairly fast... I was playing guitar in our band within a month
15..I heard this kid at school play a Marilyn Manson song, Sweet Dreams, with some sick ass distortion in the cafeteria. It was crappy, and he sucked, but my mind went from thinknig about cars and girls, to getting a guitar. I was fascinated by it. That same day I went and spent 50 dollars on a guitar.
14, I was told when i was like 12 in music lessons, that I "had a good ear, and its dissappointing that I didn't play an instrument" so in the end I gave in, never regreted since
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Most of my friends played guitar, and it seemed fun. 3 years later, here I am.
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Got my first bass for my 13th birthday after seeing iron maiden a few months before and i loved the sound of bass and the individuality of it. Now nearly 3 years on im hooked
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I was 13, and my school music teacher at the time suggested I took up an instrument, and guitar seemed like a natural choice.
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las year i was 12, i was eating potato chips, then i saw this fu**ing cool chip that looked like a jackson randy rhoads, and i was instantly inspired
I started playing the harmonica at 7 ish, even tho i still can't play much. still want to play harmonica tho, that would be BOMB.
Joined my school band in sixth grade and have been a band geek ever since. Started on the trumpet, and we're in a poor little school, so about a year later i had to learn tuba. Tuba is my main instrument, because i have braces (communists for teeth) and it would hurt to play trumpet. I got a guitar in eighth grade, one of those squier strat packs, and have loved guitar ever since. I recently had a twenty year old Epi LP Refurbished, and got a sweet new amp about a week ago.I have also learned how to play the baritone, trombone, and bass in that time. I'm fourteen years old now.

Yep. I'm a band geek.
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I started in 5th grade when I was like 11. My first guitar was called a "California" made by Titan and was $50 on ebay. When I bought an Epiphone Firebird after that, I sold the Titan to a friend for $75 (yeah, I'm an asshole). I recently went to his house and the guitar was there. He has the same strings on it (it's been three years) and hasn't tuned it. I tuned it and played it, it is possibly the worst guitar I have ever felt; but it brought back many memories.
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11/12 'hey dude do you want to start a band?' 'hellz yea' 'k well ill buy some drums, you buy a guitar'
I started when I was 2 when I saw some guy on a video playing childrens hands were too small for the guitar so I didn't make much progress, then I started taking lessons when I was 8 and stopped after a year cause my teacher sucked and then started with a good teacher when I was 10.
When I was 12.

Kinda just wanted to lol.

Metallica and Tool I would say were my main influencers at the time.
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I saw School Of Rock when I was thirteen... got my first guitar on my fourteenth...

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Quite a long time ago now, almost a When I was 15 after my good friend had killed himself... I needed an outlet, and I found condolence in music.
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I started when I was 13. I was at my friends house who had been playing guitar for a little while and he taught me some stuff and I really liked it so I went and got one.
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i started playing violin at age 7 when i joined the orchestra. my parents thought i would suck, but then i was being reccommended to be in competitions. then, when i was 13 my sister got a guitar but never learned. my dad was always telling me how he played when he was my age at the time, so i taught myself. and here i am......SHREADING MY ASS OFF AND HAVING A DAMN GOOD TIME.
I was 12, and oddly enough I was inspired to pick up guitar by Good Charlotte, of all bands! I don't listen to them four years later, but it still amazes me. Most people say randy rhoads, tonny iommi, etc..
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My brother brought home this electric guitar out of no where when I was 14, no one expected him to buy one. So I always wanted to try one so we both started playing for a couple of months, he quit, I kept on going and here I am.
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I saw School Of Rock when I was thirteen... got my first guitar on my fourteenth...

*Sprays flame proof deoderant*

That's like the story of my life
I tried to play guitar when I was 12, but I didn't own one and wasn't really dedicated. I learned a C chord while visitng my uncle and then kinda never played again...until I was 14. Then I kinda just picked it up, and played 5 pr 6 hours a day and told myself that I wanted to be able to play more than a C chord...

Now, just a year later, I know tonnes of chords, a decnt chunk of theory (for 6 months of self taught theory) and can play a few songs...
I saw one of my cousins playing guitar on a holiday.One year later(one and a half year before now)i bought a guitar and i still play.
i got my first guitar at the age of 10, i traded it in for a violin but i didnt get a teacher ages to i taught myself, then gave up but bout 6 months after getting the guitar i actualy got lesons! and is still do u can always lern new stuf.
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I was 10, my mom asked me if I should. I wasn't convinced until I heard Eddie Van Halen
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14. I got a hold of a few Hendrix CD's (namely Are You Experienced and Axis: Bold as Love) and my parents bought me a guitar.
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Started at nine.

I've always had a deep fascination with music so I decided to make it.

I started learning at 14 when i signed up for half a year of beginners guitar freshman year, back when i listened to primarily P.O.D, Linkin Park, and Green day. How those bands inspired me to play guitar is beyond me. Now i'm almost 16, and guitarists like Slash, Alexi Laiho, and Eddie Van Halen keep me interested in guitar.

..Unfortunatly i'm no better than someone who picks up a guitar and practices rigorously for a month.
My mate played Triviums Ascendancy at work, and then told me that the guy who wrote it all was younger than me - I guess that was kind of an inspiration to do something about learning an instrument.

And nothing at all to do with the fact that he had just graduated from the Guitar Institute in London, and wanted to start teaching. So I got free lessons as well, and help buying my starter stuff.

I was 21 when all this happened, I really wish I'd started when I was 14 or 15 rather than 18-19 months ago
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