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2 29%
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What do those of you who saw it think of it? I thought as a story it was fine, but the implimentation of it sucked, especially with all the constant flashbacking intermixed with the current storyline; it's somewhat odd to say the least. Plus there was more after-action scenery than actual action scenery which IMO makes it somewhat dull at times. Plus that whole skull-and-bones society is somewhat creepy; I was waiting for them to drag out the baby seal and kill it slowly with a toothpick through the heart or something. That's just my opinion; I guess we all look for different things in films we watch.
That film sucked, I fell asleep, took 3 bathroom breaks and a popcorn trip.
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i went with 2 of my friends. one of my friends left right before he almost had sex with the deaf chick. i left right after he ****ed angelina jolie. we sat out front, smoked and hit on the girls working until my other friend came out and there's was still an hour left in the movie...

blowed hot air
My girlfriend basically predicted the whole film by taking the most negative possible result for every scinario and she was right every time. Isn't that depressing?