Hello everyone,

I am a guitar player for our band, in which we play live shows and i am experiencing feedback when at practice and/or on stage.

I play through a marshall jcm2000 run through a marshall mode 4 4x12 cabinet.
Also ran through a boss gt-6 and boss eq7.

The sound, is exactly what i want, it totally rocks =]...

But, there is only one thing that just makes my ears jingle, and thats the damn feedback. I have wax potted both guitars which i use

Gibson les paul standard (humbuckers)
Fender Fat Strat (humbucker)

The end result? Nothing, same old tingle jingle haha

I have came up to some things that may work, from a fellow friend that is in a band, he told me that he plays with the Behringer feedback destroyer. Now, i have seen in other forums and such that the feedback destroyer is mainly for p.a. equipment and not for guitar. So help me out here please.

I have also heard of something specifically for the guitar known as the Rocktron HUSH super c noise reduction.

Another question, our p.a. system also produces feedback at times, would that mean i would have to get 2 feedback eliminators such as those 2 listed above to work both? or could i just go through one... I am willing to spend the amount of money it takes but would rather go for something that works at a cheaper price.
I've heard great things about the ISP Decimator. Don't know about the Behringer.
My Gear:
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-B-52 AT-212 Tube Combo
-ZW-44 Zakk Wylde Overdrive
-Digitech RP350 Multi-Effects Pedal
-Hamer Slammer Strat Copy
Well the pa prob is simple, just keep the mics a way from the speakers and mixer.

Does it have to be rack?
I am also looking into the isp decimator as my solution, also which i have heard as the "ultimate" solution, anywho, rack would have to be the better choice for what we need
I was a long time supporter of the hush until i personally bought one i had used it once or twice in stores and it was good in live use its not to amazing the ISP imo is better. The pedal or rack dont matter both are really good. Never played the MXR smart gate but it may be worth a look it also comes in a rack form. Also i think peavey may sell a feedback destoyer for guitar but dont qoute me on that
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Before you start throwing equipment at the problem, try finding the cause of the problem. Start plugging in mics one at a time, move speakers around...find out how the PA responds. Same with your amp. It could be that you've just got the thing turned up too loud and you're standing too close to it. Also, do you get feedback without the GT plugged in?