Well ever sinse i brought my first guitar (squire strat) Ive noticed the action to be be very high, but i thought it was normal so i just got used to it. But ive been playing a year now and ive found out that the aciton is meant to be between 1.3mm - 2mm of the 12th fret to the bottom of the bottom string. Mine is 2.5mm.... Is it worth lowering it? I heard solos are meant to be easyer with lower action?
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yeap solos are much more easy than a high actioned string...
you can lower it by using an allen wrench... (I think it's the smallest of the bunch)
ive got some allen key things which came with the guitar they should fit.
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The thing is, when you change the action, you have to fix up the intonation.
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I just lowerd it by about 0.5mm. It is kinda more confortable to play, whats the intonation? Does it really matter?
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