All right, so I'm thinking about starting a pedal board; I'm getting a Danelectro EQ for my b-day next week, and I'd like to at least get a wah, and maybe an OD if I think I could use one. I'd also like to stay away from using single adapters all the time, but most multi-power supplies are fairly expensive. I could afford one, like the Dunlop Brick, but it's $100, which is a lot for just 2-3 pedals. Any suggestions?

At the moment what I'm looking at is
Wah: Vox V847 (although I mostly play metal; are there better choices?)
OD: Digitech Bad Monkey or Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde

Any thoughts or suggestions? All help is appreciated

EDIT:I suppose I should add my budget and music styles; I will have about $400-500, but I'm not looking for an expensive, be-all end-all pedal, as I have other stuff I'd rather spend my money on; I'm looking for good, cheap pedals that will suit my needs. As for styles, I mostly play metal, the top three being Metallica, Megadeth and Iron Maiden. I also play bands like Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Deep Purple, and Clapton.
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If you want just a bit of a boost, a tubescreamer of some sort would be a nice idea. The V847 would be fine. Everyone just spouts out what they have heard, but with a bit of modding(if you're into that) the V847 is freaking awesome wah.

You can always daisy chain if you know you will expand your pedal board, but some people just use single adapters(I know you said you don't want to do this, but if you all you have is wah and an OD, it would be an OK idea) and plug them into a power strip.
Hmm, what kind of mods can you do for the V847? I suppose True Bypass would be a big one. Is there any way to add a power plug-in for an adapter? And a tubescreamer would be good, but it seems to me they're kind of overpriced...
i have a one-spot multi adapter by visual sound-it has 5 plugs and cost about £15 (about $25-30) i think thats what your looking for

actually, with your budget i would look at getting a multi-fx as well as the wah and OD, maybe a boss me-50? just so you would have a wider range
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i have a one-spot multi adapter by visual sound-it has 5 plugs and cost about £15 (about $25-30) i think thats what your looking for
^That sounds like a good deal, but I've heard things like that can cause buzz? Have you had any trouble with it?
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Multi effects usually have less quality effects. Your wah will have less sweep or something will suck and you'll be mad that you payed $250 for an amp modeller when you have a tube amp. If it breaks down on you, you could be out of luck on all of your effects. It's kind of like a "don't put all your eggs in one basket" philosophy.
The Bad Monkey is still a good OD; I just think you could do well with a Tubescreamer. With the Vox wah, you could take out the front two rubber pads on the front to make the sweep wider, true bypass, get a new pot, and basically do whatever Pink put in the Wah thread in the GB&C. It's a great basis for a wah.
Yeah, a multi-fx isn't really what i'm looking for. And I'll look into a tubescreamer, I'm just hesitant to spend that much on an OD. Any thoughts on multi-power supplies or daisy-chain type things?

EDIT: I found this Visual Sound 1-Spot Adapter... You can power up to 5 pedals and apparently it's pretty good. I also found the Jekyll & Hyde OD/Distortion pedal, which costs considerably more than the Bad Monkey, but I'm thinking about getting the J&K and holding off on the wah for now.

Does anyone know any good wahs around $100 that have an AC Adapter jack? (I don't really want to get the V847 if I have to use batteries all the time...)
At Radioshack, you can get an adapter to go from your 9v plug to convert to an AC adapter.
You can even make your own 9V pigtails from dead 9volts. All that is inside a 9v is 6 small 1.5v batteries. Save the 2 endcaps from the 9v, solder some leads on and sandwich the 2 ends together. Presto! 9v pigtail.
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