this is something i wrote because i was really pissed off with the football result. Having said that, there's no references to football in there.

You’re my black rose
The thorn in my side
The constant paranoia
Forever-drowning tide
You’re my black rose
Fire and ice combined
You’ve got to me and now
I’m always checking behind

Verse 1
Eyes of hemlock, lips of sin
Was it those that drew me in?
Running on empty though the night is young
So far down the ladder I can’t see the rungs

It’s time to put a stop to this
You’re at my beck and call
I’m starting to dread your kiss
You’ve got me backed against a wall


Verse 2
You’ve got pictures of me all in your room
It didn’t take much time for your love to bloom
When I’m alone I have to ask myself why
My favourite word of yours becomes goodbye




Chorus, etc

Very nice! I like the verses much, especially the second one (the end of it is awesome ).

Wish I could make something like this out of a football (or preferably ice hockey-,
cause I watch it way more - I'm finnish you see ) match.