hey folks, was wanting advice about this. We are a new band and wish to do some professional-style recording and gigging. At the moment all we have to record through are the in-built microphones on my Boss BR-600 digital recorder and onstage we all just our individual amps and the drummer goes acoustic. What sort of things would we be looking for as far as these go? I know we need mics for everything and a mixer for recording and for gigging we need mixer and amp etc, but I dont know where to start and what sort of power we need. We play mainly small halls and clubs etc so it wouldnt need to be big.
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If your looking to record there are many different microphones that can be used for more than one thing.

I would reccomend the AKG D112 to mic up the kick drum. It picks up the low frequencies well and can take a good battering. It can also be used to mic up a bass amp, which works just as well.
For the rest of the kit I would reccomend Shure SM57's for good all round mics. These can be used for the toms, and work very well on the snare. Also, some people use the SM57s for vocals, although the SM58s are more popular for that job.
The SM57s are also a good mic for recording guitar amps. Overall they are great studio mics that I would personally reccomend.
For the drums, I would also reccomend AKG C3000s. Theyre also great combined with an AKG C1000 to record acoustic guitar.
Thats what I can reccomend, hope it helps. People can say Im completely wrong, but what more can I say, I'm only 16, but I've got the experiance. Hope it helps!

Also, it would help if you could expand and say what your sort of budget is.

Oh and finally, this equipment is just as good for playing live aswell. However if its only small venues you would be playing, there may not be the need to mic up the whole drum kit. Many bands I know just prefer to mic up the kick drum to the PA to just get the extra bit out of it. The rest they just leave.
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For music editting and mixing get Sonar 6 Producer Edition, I just got it, its excellant, very professional. Its $600 though.