My friend bought a brand new Schecter Diamond Series Bass Guitar last week, when we had band practice today we found that it sounded very evil!
We noticed that the action on the strings was so low it was hitting the frets, so we decided to try and raise it, we did this and it helped none and the action did not go high enough. After half an hour of faffing around, he told us he had been given the one off rack and was made to pay full price and didn't try it before hand.

Any suggestions on what we should say/do when we go back to the shop a week today.

Thanks in advance
Jonathan Toye
Orinally Posted by HorridxHopes

This is the smartest question ever posted in the pit. I commend you.

I asked about theory of reality and this is what someone said to me!
Just tell them the action was low, so you tried to raise it but couldn't, and ask them to do it for you.
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^agreed. And if they're amiable, watch them adjust the action, so you can learn how to do it yourself.

And if they're not, I wouldn't darken their door again.