if you download guitar pro off limewire how do you get it up and running. i clicked launch and limewire said it wont open it for security reasons any help would be much appreciated
guitar pro was the only time I ever got a virus off of limewire, totally zapped my laptop, which i only got running again

IF you are going to ignore ^ that, then, find where everything you donload is stored, and open it from there

should be like, Documents and Settings> Shared

or just search for a folder called "Shared"
u cant install the program from limewire, got to the file were youre downloadas are and launch it from there
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dear god there are still people that actualy use limewire... convert to torrent ftw!
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didn't know anyone was left on the old p2p networks... lol
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Download Guitar Pro via torrents much safer

um, whats Torrents, is it something like limewire?
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