ok so i just am finishing off my car sub system and its gonna be pretty sweet...alot of people in my town have subs but im pretty sure and my friend thinks so too that i will have the best sub system i our moderately sized town...i have:

1 kicker 12 inch solobaric sub(the square ones)-1200 watts
2 audiobahn 12 inch subs-800 watta each
1 legacy 2000 watt 4 channel amplifier
1 legacy 5 fared capacitor
and a kicker 4 channel wiring kit handline up to 2000 watts of power

i was wondering...anyone else got a system in their car?
yea i do. RMS is all that matters, your only posting up peak power right there. and no offence, but ive heard legacy is a POS. idk, should hit pretty good, but the solobaric is gonna be super underpowered. i have

1 power acoustik 1440watt amp, puts out 300watts rms x 2 @ 4ohms
2 infinity perfect 10.1 subs, handles 350watts rms

o i hear that capacitors are pointless, idk if its true, but ive heard they are just a waste of cash
Well Enough Alone
i know what RMS is..and it wont be underpowered...cause it's 600 RMS and im running 500 into maybe even 1000...cause i have 4 500 watt channels and 3 subs...so i can either run 500 into each and grab my old crappy dual and put 500 into that too or 1000 into the kicker and 500 each audibahn...oh and btw legacy isnt a POS brand or anything...they are pretty good brand actually...their subs arent the best but their amps and capacitors are about top of the line....