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After a year I knew very little and could barely play Ode To Joy. But then I got a good music teacher so pretty much from that point out I wasn't self taught. But in my first year of self-taughtedness, I wasn't all that great.
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^ ok yeah im learning theory ( i already know a bunch of scales and chords) and im gaining speed ive been playing for a year now is that good? i know a lot of parts of songs but only a couple songs i can play full length i guess u could say
im self taught ive been playing since september 4th, and im playing trivium songs, and i can play triviums "shred like me" almost perfectly, but i dont know what pentatonics means, and i dont know chords, just tabs, but im already writeing my own little songs, and stuff, i can play like light to flies by trivium, and a bunch of system of a down songs full length,
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wat songs can u play full length?
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I'm actually just over a year in playing, and I've taught myself a bit of theory, scales and learned a bunch of songs. I'd say I've also become pretty technically proficient as well. Being in a band helps a lot. My only problem is lack of original material, and my impatience when it comes to learning theory, but I do my best damnit!
i'm doing really well.

i can play alot of songs, i know some basic theory, and can jam with friends who have been playing twice as long as me and i can hold my own.

all thanks to UG and my cheap ass not wanting to pay for a teacher! haha, it's worked out well.
wen i first got my guitar.....about 3 yeers aggo,......all i wanted to do was play iron man....after a yeer all i coudl play was "iron man" and "wipe out"-Beach boys.....then a yeer after that i saw wat reel guitar was about and started learning chords and i have jsut started therory
i taught myself guitar from november 05 to november 06, i didn't know any scales but i could play most intermediate stuff given half an hour, i'd be an alright rhythm guitarist but I took up the bass in the summer and started getting lessons and i'm fantesticle at the bass now. which is nice.
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Not nearly as much as if I'd have had a teacher.
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wat songs can u play full length?

well i just learned about a girl from nirvana took me 3 days to get through but its not perfect at all i need to build speed and keep it in time i can play man who sold the world, dammit from blink 182, date with night, tick, black tongue, pin, maps, y control all from yeah yeah yeahs i learned all that from ear...a lot of the parts of songs i learned were from ear but yyys songs i learned them full length from ear if thats good. i was teaching myself triviums entrance of the conflagration but i saw a video of them playing it i dont understand the 4th bar is it tabbed correctly with guitar world cuz it sounds different than the record..
i knew all the chords and could do a few simple songs like basketcase, highway to hell and paranoid but skipped the solos. then i realised most people were only interested in how well i could solo so i concentrated more on that
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Not nearly as much as if I'd have had a teacher.

Ditto, I got myself a teacher, my playing capabilities improved tenfold.
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im self taught almost a year now, i can do chords with ease but lead i suck at majorly.
doesnt help that i play bass (ie single notes) left handed, and chords right handed, but that coz we only got right handed guitar. i know some of the theory as well, but looks like getting a teacher is the only way 2 go after a while, but depends on the person i guess
Well I've been playing for a year. I only got a teacher a few months ago to clear up theory and more complicated stuff. Like solo's. And how to read tabs well and stuff. He's helped but i got most of the basics from myself. I can play songs like 'the unforgiven' without much of a problem. I can play tougher stuff like pantera's cowboys from hell, but not the solo.
i could play all of master of puppets but i practiced everyday because i love this instrument
hmm ive been playing 10 months and ime damn commited to it, i play at least 5 hours a day

can play loads of avenged sevenfold songs with solos like seize the day and bat country, cant do beast and the harlot, the chromatic scale is played way too fast.

and theres loads of stuff, from metallica to sum 41 to trivium that i can play full

oh yeah, stairway to heaven. i mastered the solo just a few days ago.

aaand chili peppers, they have great songs. learn i could die for you. hard chords.

I've been playing just over a year.

I know the major and minor scales, the names of most intervals and things.

Erm yeah, so I started to learn a bit of theory and things. I mainly listen to punk/ska music etc.

So I can play quite a few full length songs, as most just use barre and power chords. I can play most standard open chords too, but prefer barre chords.

*shrug* I can play the Sweet Child of Mine intro (Behind my head )... And the first little bit of the solo, and almost the fast bit.

I tend not to learn full songs unless they're ones I like/listen to a lot, which is mainly the punk ones, which is why I know quite a few. I can play the Back In Black and TNT (AC/DC) riffs, and some other stuff.

But yeah, I don't often tend to go outside of playing punk/ska/pop-punk unless I'm in an experimental kind of mood.

And, that said;

I don't really practise when I play guitar, I just tend to have fun, I don't think you need to be a master class musician to make music. And I don't play that much either, it probably averages out at an hour a day (maybe up to 70 - 80 minutes). I don't get that much time, too much spent with girlfriend and school.

And as regards to own stuff, yes I make my own stuff. But I don't really include solos, just small leads in verses/interludes and what not.
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after a year i could play most stuff you put in front if me. i can play stairway to hevan from memory and am working on classicle gas up to speed. i could pretty much play as soon as i picked up a guitar though. right now i'm writing songs and i've been playing for about 13 mouths.
im not sure really how long ive been playing. if i add it up total its more than a year, but seriously its probably under a year if that makes sense. :/

i reckon ive progressed quite fast compared to most of the other people i know:
i can play a good number of songs from front to back, including solos, and im getting into writing my own stuff and jamming.
ive had a good long while of piano experience aswell and i guess that helped me with learning scales
never had a person teach me guitar in my life, ive never been able to learn from someone showing me something either.
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I have played since febuary of 06...and i can play less than 10 songs through, and even all those i mistake on alot..

The only solos that I can play without any misakes are greenday solos (which are stupiud) but easy...:\

I know how to bend, slide, all the basic stuff...but i need to learn how to harmonic..

my cuzin showed me how, im workin on it...

yea sry, im not trying to brag or anything (nothing to brag about but im just letting u kno what i can do...
i've been playing for just over a year, i had a few lessons in which i learnt most the basic theory. i then stopped the lessons and just used the lessons on these sites, i can play plenty of metallica songs and songs from similar bands. i've written some of my own stuff as well. i doing ok with most techniques.

so i guess im pretty comfortable with where i am after a year.
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ive been playing 11 months and 3 quarters so ill tell you in a week xD jk

i got a teacher a couple of months ago but hes just teaching me grade 4 peices at the moment (know almost all of them now xD) everything i know is self taught

im the front man (singer lead guitarist/pianist) of a cristian/progressive rock band and a metal band xD (also in a group of two with a friebd) can play most songs you give me and can solo any rhythm to death in the key of A,B,F, and G.

but i mainly concentrate on my songwriting now even though i have a passion for every style of rock and metal i naturally write punk metal better than other styles
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I'd say I've been playing about a year now...due to college work the first few months sometimes it was a bit touch and go whether I played every day or not but I usually got a bit of time in most days. These last couple of months I've managed to play about 3-4 hours a day which has helped me come on enormously.

Mainly I just know a reasonably wide variety of chords, open, barred, power chords, 7ths, etc.

Kinda wish that when I first got it I'd have been as committed as I am now but looking back circumstances didn't really mean I had much time to play.

But the main tip is, play as much as you can, the more you play the quicker you'll get the hang of things. Of course you can't do things straight away, it takes practice, a lot of it. Getting barre chords right and being able to switch between shapes smoothly took me bloody ages (although that was when my practicing sessions were a bit disjointed due to lack of time) but after sticking at it I think it's fair to say that I can play them really comfortably now. It was the same with open chords, just practiced until I could change between them without thinking.

That's the stage where you know you've got it fully, where you don't have to think about where you're moving your fingers, you can just do it.

Mainly concentrated on rythmn this year and expanding into lead during the later stages. I'd say I'm reasonably competant at rythmn guitar, not really concentrated on being able to play songs (although I can play a fair few when I put my mind to it), just tried to master the techniques as when you've got them sorted you can near enough pick up and play whatever you want.
I know very little theory and I have been playing a year but I can play a tonne of strumming songs as when I started I started on acoustic just for songs to play at get togethers with friends now I am learning some theory cos I got an electric and I want to be able to play the blues and other types of Music for a band I am planning to start a few weeks into college next year.
I've been playing for about 11 months, self taught and I can play these all the way through:

There's No Penguins in Alaska - Lead
The Words "Best Friend" Become Redefined
Devotion and Desire
Ride the Wings of Pestilence
Smile In Your Sleep
Giving Up
And I'm sure some more I can't think of right now.

I don't know any theory and only know a few chords. I have Carpal Tunnel so it's really hard for me to play, but I don't ever want to give up, so I don't. I may not be able to to learn as fast as everyone with my carpal tunnel, but that doesn't discourage me to quit playing.
I've been playing for two years now. After a year I knew the major, natural minor, maj & minor pentatonic and harmonic minor scales and some basic chord composition stuff but I wasn't brilliant at applying it at that stage. Technically speaking, I could play stuff like the Paranoid solo and Fall To Pieces solo by Velvet Revolver (perfectly rather than the kind of rubbish that pollutes youtube) and I think at that time I was just learning the Know Your Enemy solo (rage) which took a little while to be perfect.

For the technical side of things i just learned by choosing solos that I thought were nearly impossible to play, then started slow and sped up. To learn music theory stuff, I looked at a couple of guides on the net and looked at scales and chords in Guitar Pro and figured out what was going on from that.
Props to the person behind me who has carpal but is still playing. That's inspirational.

As for me, nine months, almost ten this month, and I've made tremendous improvements this months suddenly. Before I could only play parts of songs and skipped solos, but now I'm working on them and learned an easy (I admit it) solo to a SOAD song, Psycho. Love it. I just wrote my first full song (guitar, bass, lyrics) and am finally finding a passion for doing this. The first few months are painful, but it finally is starting to pay off as I can play a lot of songs just for fun without trying too hard.

As for technique, can do ok speed scales, tremolo pick damn fast, bend and pinch well, etc... and I love rhythm work with dropped-C tuning especially. I just don't like EADGBE... *shrug*.

For theory... working on that but knowledge of basic scales and progressions is helping.
I've been playing for around 9-12 months, and I can handle intermediate songs (a lot of Pantera, some Slayer, Iced Earth and Metallica), although I am still have some problems with solos. I can manage some of the easier ones (like Sanitarium, Watching Over Me etc.) but I still find it very hard to improvise solos.
ive been playing for 1year and 4 days now lol and im self taught .im doing pretty good i almost know all of metallica's songs in complete lol and a shit load of other songs from other bands
Self taught 6 months and I can show up my friend had a teacher and has been playing for 2 years

Of course.... UG had a little to do with it...
well i gave theory a shot and it went over my head so i just started practicing technique i still only know very basic theory but i can sweep pick and alternate pick pretty well i think ive been playing for about a year and a half
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ive been playing for a year also. Im not amazinf as there was a period where i nearly gave up cos i was buggering around with nirvana but hey i know alot of scales and ive mainly been improvising for the past couple months. However i know am focusing alot on learning full songs instead of messing around with little parts of them.
In my first year, I had my acoustic, and I was determined to play it. Didn't do as well as I could have, thinking back, but I did pretty well.

Figured out how to actually fret stuff and play, read tabs, play power chords, play barre chords with no dead notes, learned a bunch of theory (Haven't actually learned much after the first year, lol), restring strings, tune, and solo a little.

My first year was actually one of my best. =)

yeah i should do that shit...ive played 40 minutes already today....and its 12 30 so i have a lot of time just gonna play in 40 min increments i taught myself some major pentatonics i should start improvising but i need to learn some modes first...yup any one who knows about a girl from nirvana, i dunno why but i have the correct tabsd and all but when i play it, i get this weird little rythym in me that doesnt go along with the song..i have the song and when i play along to it everything is fine but alone i get this weird beat in my head idk why....and did any of you think the solo was difficult at first?
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