As we talked for hours on end
I used to deny my love for her
as though the truth was too hard to bear
but after singing out too all
and your smiling face
my heart does tear
I realised I kid my self
and now our speech ends right there
perhaps she feels the same way
oh forget those diabolic thoughts and maybes
her love is for another
and I am not envious
as I love him too as a friend
and break from that
pain i cannot comprehend

Michael Ward

Your views please.
Uh... So you like this person, but you deny it in yourself. And she likes this friend of yours, and you don't care. So what's your beef? :I
Not bad, but not at all interesting. Not everything can have a poem written about it, if you find something interesting to write about, then at least using interesting words and/or rhymes. I think you made a good effort, but when all is said and done, the poem is pretty boring.