i can alternate pick but im pretty lousy at getting the same sort of effect as downpicking only, and the notes are clearer if i down pick

for example, a riff i was mucking about with

d--------------------------------------------------------- 5 6 8
a--------------------5-6--------------------------5 6 9---------

i can play that and it sounds alot better if its all down picked

so my question is, do metal/hardcore bands down pick to get that "heavier" sound, or are the guitarists just good at alternate picking wheras i suck?
down picking creates a more solid sound
listen to metallicas seek and destory for an example
and IMO metalcore is best played with either, but prefably both hands cut off
resulting in silence
which is well what metalcore should be like
they are just good at alternate picking
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If you can't play those open triplets down-up-down style and ya wanna play metal, you should hit up the woodshed a while.

But the answer is both I guess. A lot of metalcore bands do the triplet style down-up-down kind of picking, but Metallica's chugs are mostly just downstrokes.
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