Hey guys,

I just got my new amp head in the mail a few days ago and have only had a few hours to mess with it. I have always used Peavey equipment. i have found it very reliable. I prided myself with my bottom end in my tone. but the new amp head i got is called a peavey supreme. Im having a problem with the bright obnoxious sounds of the highs and i was wondering how to change the setting on the eq on the distortion pedal, head, and the 15band eq i have to make it crunchier.

if anyone can help please let me know.
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Well, turn the highs down?? For starters.

Umm, are the eq settings in like Hz and kHz, because obnoxious, honky tones (I find) usually come from around 250Hz - 400Hz. Cut them down just a little and see if that helps.