i recently purchased an epiphone les paul (http://images.misupply.com/products/original/Epiphone/LesPaulStandardO.jpg)

i really dont know too much about it, and whever i play, it sort of sounds muted a bit. im not sure how to explain it. anyway, can someone tell me the difference between rhythem and treble (thers a switch on it) and how do i get the best sound for punk rock kind of music? thanks
if u think ur guitar is muted then that is probably because cause ur ur not pressing good enough on the fret cause the string must be pressed well on the metal piece of the fret...about the rythem and treble i dunno but ..the switch u have is to change the pickup that makes the sound of ur guitar ( only noticalbe when guitar connected to amp ) ..did i help ??!!!
Well, you have to look at your amp first, make sure its on the overdrive channel (Im assuming you want the sound to be overdriven), though if the amps not got one, dial the gain up, then set the pickup selector to treble (this selects the bridge pickup, rhythm selects the neck pickup, and the inbetween setting selects a mix of the two) Then make sure all the volume dials on the guitar are at 10 (you can mess about with the tone at will) then all yuo need to do is plug in and rock out. If theres still problems it will be the amps fault, not the guitar's
the action could not have been set up properly by the manufacturer, which would make a buzzing sound when you play at certain frets. if you want a crisp sound, put the switch on treble, which activates the bridge pickup. the other will be for the neck pickup, which makes a thicker, fuller sound. the treble is good for rhythm and the other for lead.
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well, to the guy above... yea... treble is good for rythm parts... then again, it's also used in tons of leads . the same can be said about rythm. (bridge and neck).
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