Any people here remeber the 70's. I am doing a project and I'm wondering what was the most memorable things you can recall about the 70's.

Anywhere from clothing to music to food. Everythign really.
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born in the 90s...sorry.

Led Zeppelin ruled thats about all I can tell you.
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that 70s show
technically not the 70s
but based on it
write about vista cruisers and guys called red
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It's meant to reflect Clapton's career, starts off good but then turns into a piece of shit.

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i dont think too many people on here remember the 70's

A) the weren't born yet
B) they were little kids
C) they fried their brains too much to remember
Once I went on a huge drug binge with my "attorney" to Vegas. They even made a movie about it.
The best artist of the 70's was Bruce Springsteen, hands down.
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Ummm the upcoming of "hard" rock music AKA Zeppelin , UFO etc...more dirtier rauncher sound..

Disco , you know...stayin alive.....

Write about the drugs involved in this decade ( most likely what hallocugens (SP?) )
birth of heavy metal xD maiden deep purple, then it died off......then rose again
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