Hey, I am on a tight budget, and just got a crate powerblock. I will be running it clean, but my main concern is, what cab sould i get for it. It runs 8 ohms 150w mono, and 4 ohms 75w (on each side) stereo. I saw a 8 ohm 120w 4x12 marshall amp for $280. So, If i were to use this cab, running the powerblock on mono, would i blow the speakers? keep in mind i am running the powerblock clean, so the preamp will only be 1/2 to 2/3 the way up. I dont think i will ever run the volume as loud as i can, but i just want to be sure i dont blow out the cab.
You won't blow the speakers, but it won't sound it's best. In fact it might sound like a taurin-overdosed lemming. Not good.

You need a cab with a bit more wattage than your head, cos amps can reach peak levels in excess of their rated power. The marshall AVT series cab is pretty small, relatively cheap and takes 200 watts. I recommend that.
So your talking about running a PowerBlock through an MG412 cab?

Well I'll tell you from experience the MG cabs suck. I've never tried the PowerBlock so I cant say what would go good with it, but stay away from the MG cabs.
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get one of these www.avatarspeakers.com . Their really cheap, very good, and fully customiseable.

I second this. I just got mine in and am very, very happy with it.
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