I've recently come into possession of a Line6 Toneport UX2. I'm a guitar player so this has been awesome just for fooling around with guitar effects and amps, but it also has mic inputs, and I've realized that now I can record stuff too. My "studio" consists of the toneport, an sm57, a casio privia keyboard w/midi, and a full version of ableton Live 6.

I am 100% new to this so I'm not concerned about hardware or sound quality at all

I want to know where I should start to learn the basics about recording and mixing -- I mean the standard-issue information. I guess this includes what order to record instruments, how to properly use EQ/compression, how to use/understand software or outboard effects and instruments, how to determine where instruments should fit into the mix, etc. I'm sure there's tons of other stuff that I don't even know about yet...

If anyone knows of any good books or websites, that's mainly what I'm interested in. I want to take recording 101.