well my bands vocalist just quit

im really gutted about it

we have a gig in 4 weeks,

and i dont know wat to do because im not sure anyone else can replicate his vocals and just his way of writing lyrics

should i stick it out and try to find a new singer or just quit?

i know its kinda stupid question i just dont know what to do

Why would your entire band break up if the singer quit? 4 weeks should give you SOME time to prepare. Can someone else in the band sing until then? If it's 2 weeks before the gig and you still haven't found anyone or have no options, I would cancel.
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unless your singer was professional quality, then just replace him. Sure no one can sing just like him, so you'll have to change a little.
can you (thread starter) sing?

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sounds like....u need a...

not at all.....

no1 in the band can sing.......but our bassist does a few of the low growl type vocals we use....

i think were just gonna try n find sumone new...and just adjust to it
There's plenty of bands where some people quit for various reasons but the band kept going and had done well. No point leaving unless you were only in that band for the vocalist, but if that was the case you probably shouldn't have been there at all.
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^That's what I'm thinking.

Just one gig before he leaves, kind of as a goodbye concert.

nah thats not gonna happen now

the bassist quit aswell......he thinks the same as me that the band wouldnt be the same without the vocalist

but..me, the other guitarist and the drummer arnt just gonna give up now

got a practise on sunday with a new singer and bassist
I would have to say give yourself some time right now to either learn and/or find a replacement. One question, did your singer have his own PA or yeah how did that work?
iron maiden. dickinson quit and they got some guy who (in my opinion) sounded nothing like him (and not as good) to replace him.