All you'd need is a 1/4" to 1/8" (3.5mm) jack adaptor which you can get for about £2. Then you're good to go.
Errr, actually, i'm having trouble finding it. I dont know if I want female to male, stereo, mono, etc. Could someone find me a link in the U.S. that's rather cheap and accepts paypal? I'm sure it exists somewhere on ebay, but I wasnt quite sure what I needed.


tht goe onto a regular guitar cable which one end goes in youre amps line out/headphones and the other end goes in your soundcards line in
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It should be mono, it makes a difference as stereo cable will carry the signal on the one channel meaning that you will hear the sound from one speaker only.
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Wait! It SHOULD be mono? I already purchased a stereo on the ebay link sent to me. No big deal really, I want to record in more than one speaker obviously. SO yeah, just, should I cancel the order?

And yes, I have a Creative X-Fi, which I believe is rather decent.

Many thanks.
yeah it needs to be mono, you can fix it if you have a stero signal in the recording program but having a mono adapter is ideal.
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But i've tried to record to my soundcard, is there any special progam i need? or can it be done with Sony Vegas or Audacity?

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can be done with audacity But recording your guitar like that is not the best way, I prefer the mic.