the epiphone g400s all went down 100 on musicians friend and guitar center...why? is there a new years sale? new parts on them? anybody have a clue
maybe theyre trying to make them as popluar as the LP Standards.

probably just tryin to sell them
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It was probably just so they could clear out older merchandise so they could get more new stuff in.
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Jesus christ man don't give me hope like that. Only the normal g400's went down $100. Everything eles is the same. I was looking for a vintage for $200...

As to why they went down, maybe overstock?
I think its just year end clearance I got my Epi LP standard for 300 less the day they got thier new shipment.
b stock means they have a ding or a scratch, but they work perfectly, and are therefore fit to sell.
at a discount of course.
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