i got a webcam cuz you know i couldn't wait to get flamed the minute i post something on youtube hahaha

but my tone (beautiful live) sounds weird through the mic of the webcam, its awfully metallic sounding and isnt what it should be

i dont have any money to go buy a decent mic (savin up for that JS1000 =)

any advice?

thx in advance
Uhhh.....It's a webcam mic. It isn't high quality. I'd just go with buying a decent mike that can run simutaneously. You get what you pay for, so if you want it to sound good, unfortunatly you're probably going to have to splash out.
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idk, like, i have a toneport UX2 for recording, but how can i make that program work with my Microsoft LifeCam at the same time?
ok, im not trying to souns like im a fu**ing genius or anything, but distortion "clips" the top of the sound waves off making it less controlable, thats where distortion comes from, thats why it doesnt sound as high quality, the only reason concert dvds sound perfect with distortion, is because tey're sing expensive cameras that sound good even with "clipping"
so unless u wanna go out and buy a 900 dollar cam stick with what u got
The microphone of the webcam is designed to receive human voice, which is in a rather narrow band, and it will never receive the entire frequency range of the amp. The only way is to get better recording equipment.
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yea, i guess i might go out and get an SM57 then,

cheapest and best value for the money in my opinion