I just download powertab editor on my new computer, when I play a powertab on it there is no sound. Has anybody had this problem? please help.

try turning on your speakers?
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I had the same problem.. open up the little speaker in the lower left of your screen (haha forgot what that bar is called:p then click advanced and make sure all of them are turned up
Yea I already tried that, but thanks for trying. I get sound from everything else, but powertabs.
If you go to the powertabs website I seem to remember seeing a quite useful help/FAQ section.
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go to the beginning of the song and click on the first note. Then click on the button that says "guitar in". Select the appropriate guitar and check off the box that says "active". A little icon that says "gtr 1" will show up on the tab. Then try playing the song. If thats not your problem then i have no idea whats going on.
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yea thats not it and its not just the guitar sound its the metronome too.