thinking about building a cabinet out of hardwood flooring tell me what you think and does any one have ideas about speakers that arnt full range cant seem to find any somone said mids, tweeters, and subs together wont work any body else have sumthing to say about that
I don't think that's a good idea - generally you want more whole pieces of wood in the cabinet. Hardwood flooring isn't actually hardwood, it's usually MDF or similar underneath whic is bad for speaker cabs. I make cabinets from solid ash which is good for it, but plywood is ok and cheaper. You really need guitar chassis speakers for this, hifi speakers of any range won't be durable enough and will sound bad. There was a thread I saw about the speakers a few mins ago.
Are you planning on using this cab like for alot of things? If not id just go for it and get experience in making it.


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