im saving up atm towards a new guitar but im not sure what make it should be because i want a guitar that will allow me to play metal aswell as indie stuff(llike muse, radiohead). anyone got any suggestions??
schecter or ibanez?
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For muse, radiohead etc you really need an insane amount of pedals. Plus all of Matt Bellamy's guitars are custom made (bar the 7-string).
Matt's rig is on here http://guitargeek.com/rigview/562/ just ignore the guitars, he hardly ever uses those. Also bear in mind most of his guitars have effects built in, ZVex Fuzz Factory being the key one and also an MXR phase 90 if I remember right.
Jonny Greenwoods is at http://guitargeek.com/rigview/510/ , I cant vouch for the accuracy of that one but it looks pretty comprehensive. As far as guitars that go from indie to metal are concerned... Ibanez are a good bet. I don't know much about Schecter but I've heard good things. What budget are you running on?
thanks alot for the info and my budget is £600
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Good budget. Where abouts are you? Theres a shop on denmark street in london that has new Jacksons that should suit you down to the ground. Can't honestly remember the name of the shop but its opposite a shop called Rockers. They have 2 models, one with EMG actives, and one with EMG Hz pickups. For you I'd probably recommend the slightly cheaper model with the Hz pups. They have an afterburner circuit so you can significantly boost the level coming out of your guitar. So when you wanna go for the heavy metal you can kick in the afterburner circuit and blow the place down, when you wanna ease into the indie you can kill the afterburner and have a decent tone. The actives won't give you this level of versitality as easily. Also both guitars come with optional tremolo, the models without being slightly cheaper again.
If your anywhere in central london, go to denmark street, so many shops to choose from your bound to find one.