Does anyone know the name of artist and song that is playing in the background?

Apparantly it's Rammstein, but it doesn't really sound like them to me.

Any help appreciated.

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thats not Rammstein, i'm not sure who it is, unless its Rammstein playing the music with a different guy singing.
actually, if my memory serves me correctly, i do believe rammstein did a cover of the song. you can find it on P2Ps if you search hard enough.
It was a composition by Junya Nakano, Masashi Hamauzu and Nobuo Uematsu specifically for the game. The Black Mages did do a version, but it was not the one featured in the game.
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1. Bill Muir from the band 'xtill i diex' sang it.

2. 'The Black Mages' performed it.

3. Nobou, or however you spell his damn name, composed it.

Someone said it on a gamespot forum.
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Yeah the songs definitely called Otherworld. I downloaded it ages ago but don't have it any more. Whoever said Otherworld ^^^^^^ probably has the right artist but if you want it on limewire just search FFX - Otherworld and you'll get it.